On April 20, the traditional cross-country "Run for the Mayor's Cup of Neratovice" took place on in Lobkovice. Our school, athletic preparation, athletic team, the Association for Sport for All or the Academy were represented by a total of nearly 60 pupils.

The most successful were the following pupils and pupils:

 Nela Kocourkova won and Alzbeta Beranova came third in the category of youngest pupils  for girls, Valtr. Vlk  won and Matěj Zajac came third in the same category for boys.

 Dominik Zajac won the Premieres category of the year. Jan Tobias Janku took the silver position. Tereza Machova came third in girls younger pupils. Jan Mozga won gold, Ondrej Huml silver in the category of younger pupils. Excellent Rachel Najmonova in the older school category won her cathegory with excellent results and silver belongs to Katy Lebedova .

Zpět na hlavní výpis
ZŠ Ing. M. Plesingera-Božinova, Neratovice

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