On Thursday, October 5, the regional finals of the athletic tetrathlon took place in the Emil Zátopek Stadium in Stara Boleslav. The Melnik District was represented by the athletes of our school in the boys 'and girls' categories. The weather was really awful – it was cold and raining.Our boys team came seventh . The most succesfull sportsman in our team was Jakub Füll who created personal records in  shot-put and  running in 1,000 m. Ondrej Krajc also showed a good performance and took the second place in the shot-put  among the 40 competitors  and other disciplines. Ondrej´s total number of 1 933 points was sufficient for the third place among individuals. Congratulations!

The girls´ team came fourth however  it was only 37 points from the bronze L. On the other hand, some individual performances need to be highlighted: Tereza Srnova won 60m sprint and Rachel Najmonova came second in 800 m running.  Great!

The fact that our athletes have been successful  in qualifications into regional rounds  and have been among successful competitors there is very positive.

Boys and girls, thanks a lot for the representation of our school!

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ZŠ Ing. M. Plesingera-Božinova, Neratovice
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