A new school year has begun and now there is the first sport competition! On Monday, 19th September, our pupils took part in an inline skating regional round in Kralupy nad Vltavou.

In the category of  the youngest girls we put our three skaters on the podium Alice Zambojová was the first, Justýna Kašpárková the second (both from 3A class) and the third was Mia Novotná (3B). Tomáš Novák (3C) was the most successful among the youngest boys and won the race. In the category of younger girls Natálie Chalupová (7A) beat all her rivals and received a golden medal.  Among younger pupils our representatives were also very successful: Leoš Vedral (6C) and Lukáš Valenta (6A) received  silver and  bronze medals. Matěj Špaček (9A) and Martin Kefurt (8B) won the first and the second place.

All our pupils mentioned above advance into a county round which will be in a professional track in Benátky nad Jizerou.

Congratulation on your excellent results! We are your fans!

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