At the end of May, we travelled to a four-day sports course. After really common things on the first day, such as travelling by bus, accommodation, unpacking, etc., we set off to explore the vicinity of our guesthouse  and played games in nature. The evening program took place on the playground. When the day was coming to its end, we were woken up with an announcement and unexpectedly had to change from pajamas to sports clothes in a few minutes and then quickly headed for a night adventure  in  dark forests surrounding  our place.

The main goal of the second day was mountain hiking. The darts and the letters with the dashes drove us to the top of Žale. From that point we could see a great part of Giant Mountains around Špindlerův Mlýn, including Sněžka, all  in a beautiful weather. On our way back, we had to descent a  Herlikovice ski slope. At the end of the trip there was said something about total exhaustion, burning legs, etc. As always, regeneration  went very fast, so in the evening we "unexpectedly" danced again.
The third day: we climbed the spider network, crossed over it at a height of ten meters  and  crossed a few a rope footbridge in Špindlerův Mlýn. From there, just shuffle the rope back to the ground. Another adrenaline we experienced at a 10-kilometer scooter ride from Špindlerův bouda to the city.  What about the evening? Well, yeah disco ...

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Základní škola Ing. M. Plesingera-Božinova Neratovice

Školní 900
277 11

Telefon :
+420 315 682 068

IČO: 49516256
E-mail: info@zs-mpb.cz
Www: www.zs-mpb.cz
ID datové schránky: 3s3ja88
ZŠ Ing. M. Plesingera-Božinova, Neratovice
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